Our Promise – We build great relationships first,
and extra-ordinary homes second.

Our client relationships are built on a foundation of communication, trust and transparency. That’s our promise!

We maintain a strict ‘open book’ policy; which means we show you the breakdown of all the numbers – including our own profit margins, costs and expenses.

From the day we break ground we treat your new address as a home, not a job-site. The fact that we keep the site meticulously clean is simply a reflection of our mindset. The upside is that your visits are always safe and enjoyable, and your future neighbours are always happy!

We also work with only the most proven craftsmen and trades people in our industry – and we treat them like gold. It’s one of the primary reasons we have the best records in the industry when it comes to hitting our timelines, even when we encounter an unforeseen challenge. Look after your people, and they’re usually happy to have your back.

It all adds up to a claim that’s as unbelievable as it is true – We’ve never gone over budget on a build, not once.

Jake picked us up and personally brought us to our new dream home. We walked in to a beautiful arrangement of flowers and wine. We both kind of got emotional, as it was so perfect in every way, the detailed work, and high-end finishes were outstanding. Pictures and the real thing just don’t compare to say the least.
Monique & Macky Barlett, Moncton, NB