Our job? Delight you with the unexpected.

A Precision home starts with your vision – that’s it. You aren’t required to bring drawings or plans to the consultation – in fact, the end result can sometimes be better when you don’t. Just bring your ideas, and tell us what you see when you think of the words ‘dream home’. Modern or traditional, contemporary or craftsman – our design engineers have a proven talent for listening and creating a plan that authentically reflects your taste and unique style. Building in Moncton, Dieppe, Riverview and surrounding areas.

To see some of our Precision-designed features and homes, please visit our Gallery.

We actually plan for
the things we can’t control.

We believe the typical ‘decide, and order as you go’ approach to building a custom home has only one outcome – frustration and disappointment. It doesn’t matter if it’s windows, flooring, fixtures or faucets we work side by side to determine every element of the Precision Checklist before your foundation ever sees the light of day.

Why? So you have time to change your mind.

Think about it for one moment – more time to reflect on the choices you make, means greater freedom to change your mind – without affecting budgets or timelines. In fact, every step in the Precision Custom Home building experience is engineered with that goal in mind – unexpected happiness.

“Jake builds a limited number of homes each year, and they’re arranged so that they only overlap at the beginning and end of each other. This means he gives your home the attention it needs to produce the high-end result you’re looking for.”
Cory & Cheryl Naus, Moncton, NB