Jake Melanson – Leading Precision

Meet Jake Melanson, President of Precision Custom Home Builders. In Moncton New Brunswick.

A finish carpenter by trade, Jake has a craftsman’s eye for quality, a passion for detail, and a relentless drive for perfection. Unlike some contractors, Jake maintains a hands-on involvement throughout every stage of the home building process. Jake Melanson and Precision Custom Home Builders builds in Moncton, Dieppe, Riverview, Shediac and South Eastern New Brunswick.

“I am the on-site foreman,” he says. “I’m a hands-on builder.” If there’s a custom piece of woodwork to be done, chances are Jake will not only personally oversee the work; he’ll likely have a hand in the crafting. He points to an exquisitely arched window frame, explaining how each individual piece was custom-cut, steamed and bent into the correct radius.

When asked who he used for such refined finish work, Jake flashes a quick smile. “Oh, I did that myself,” he says. It is this deep sense of personal pride in precision work that sets Jake and his team apart. “I spent a decade assembling the best craftspeople, the best trades, the best suppliers,” he says. “If they weren’t the best, they wouldn’t be working with me.”

The dynamic between Jake and his sub-contractors is more partnership than employer-employee; a relationship hinging on mutual respect, an uncompromising work ethic, and a shared passion for fine craftsmanship. “If you have the best and they’re willing to work with you, then you treat them the best – always, and they stay. It’s a fairly simple equation if you think about it.”

“I build relationships first, homes second,” adds Jake. “Communication is key. I always answer my phone. And our clients always receive regular updates—phone calls, photos, videos—if they can’t be on-site themselves.” Check-lists, clearly-defined timelines, and clock-work schedules all but eliminate the potential for client stress, as does Jake’s policy of complete transparency. “I open-book-it, all the way,” he says. “When it comes to meeting expectations, there are no unpleasant surprises. Only good ones.”


Building a home is a big investment, so it makes sense that you want to feel the person you’re dealing with is a partner in your investment. Jake Melanson and Precision Finish Home Builders are exactly that, a Partner.
Jessica & Darrel Chapman, Moncton. NB